Upcoming Events

Download our June recreation calendar for more exciting events!

Celebrating the Summer Season here at Creekside Center!



Elvis and the Colonel

Join us on June 10th for an exciting show here at out community! We mean, who doesn’t love the King?! 

Art Meditation with Janae

Consider visiting our community and enjoying our art meditation program with Janae here at Creekside on June 12th. It’s a fantastic opportunity to unwind and express your inner artistic talents. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Yankee Girl Performs at Creekside

Join us at the Creekside for another fabulous performance by Yankee Girl on June 26th .  As she belts out those ballads and songs from another time, we can swing and sway to the rhythm and beat of the music we all love to hear. Stop down and have an enjoyable afternoon with Yankee Girl.