Case Study: Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (August 2019)

One dreadful day, after not feeling well for quite some time, Linda Coultrup presented in the Skyline emergency room. Extremely abnormal labs indicated sepsis. The prescribed treatment was IV fluids and antibiotics. Later, she went into severe respiratory distress due to aspiration pneumonia. This additional obstacle to her recovery left her exhausted and in a state of generalized weakness. It was concluded that ongoing therapy and nursing care would be necessary. Therefore, she agreed to be transferred to the Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.

Upon arrival, Ms. Coultrup was warmly greeted by the concierge and clinical staff. At that time, she was beginning to lose hope for her recovery. When initially evaluated by occupational and physical therapy, the areas of concern were her inability to maneuver in bed independently, sit up safely, and sit-to-stand without assistance. Due to her physical decline and Plantar Flexion Contractures (i.e. “foot drop”), walking was a major task and impossible to do on her own. When accomplished, taking 30 steps was something to celebrate. With many more obstacles to overcome, the staff was actively involved in giving her the extra encouragement she needed. Her goal was to return home and be independent with activities of daily living, therefore, a plan was put in place to facilitate achieving this goal.

After weeks of daily therapy, Ms. Coultrup had progressed considerably and no longer needed stand-by assistance. In fact, she was able to walk long distances with a rollator, ascend & descend 20 steps with a handrail and safely walked upon steep grade asphalt. She began noticing the beautiful view of the Creekside Center courtyard and attending the activities offered. Most of all, she enjoyed playing Bingo with the other residents.

As she got closer to discharge, Linda started expressing her gratitude toward the staff for their help and inspiration. Her therapy sessions were described as fun and something she looked forward to. She explained how everyone from all departments checking on her at times they were not required to, made her “feel so good.” The Creekside Center team commends Ms. Coultrup for her hard work and persistence and wish her much happiness and continued success.

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Case Study: Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (July 2019)

Age: 88-years-old
Date of Admission: 06/26/2019
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center
Discharge Date: 07/17/19
Discharge To: Home
Length of stay: 21 Days
Reason for stay: Cellulitis, Generalized weakness and unsteadiness on feet.
How did the patient hear about Creekside Center? Prior Admission.

Details of Experience:

Following a sudden loss of consciousness, Emma Mabry was admitted to Skyline Medical Center. She exhibited symptoms of increased blood sugar, high pain levels, severe cellulitis, and sepsis. After weeks of care, she transitioned to Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing for continued medical oversight, including physical and occupational therapy, pain management, antibiotic therapy, and wound care.

Upon arrival at the Creekside Center, she was greeted by familiar clinical team members, as she recently discharged from the Rehab program in 2018 following an acute hospitalization for a femur fracture. After a successful outcome, Mrs. Mabry asked to transfer to Creekside Center once again. A thorough clinical assessment was completed, and goals were developed in order to increase her independence with all activities of daily living. Initially, it was determined that she was not able to ambulate safely without assistance and presented an overall decrease in strength, activity tolerance and ability to care for herself. She commended the therapists for their friendliness and ability to motivate. Meanwhile, the nursing department worked tirelessly to reduce her pain and bodily infection. She had transitioned with three significant vascular wounds on her left lower leg and two pressure wounds on her left heel. This required daily monitoring and intensive treatment. Beth Perez, wound Care specialist, had a great rapport with the family from the previous rehab stay and continued to build on this relationship by providing updates regarding her treatment plan. Mrs. Mabry and her family were extremely appreciative and thankful for this support and the successful results of her treatment. In addition to the clinical support, Mrs. Mabry also found a supportive advocate in the Director of Concierge Services, who provided daily checks and encouragement. She stated,” I feel like she listened to me and truly made me feel cared for.”

Subsequently, Mrs. Mabry showed a significant increase in muscular strength and mobility. After a week, her balance and range of motion improved, and her wounds began to heal. She made continual progress toward her goal to return home to her husband.

Mrs. Mabry discharged from the community on 7/17/19 after accomplishing her treatment goals. She stated, “The Creekside Team was wonderful.” She added, “I love them all!” “The place is peaceful, I loved the view and observing the birds in the courtyard.” Prior to discharge, she declared, “I am 95% better.” As she exited the building with a smile, she thanked the Creekside team, yet again for their support, encouragement and successful recovery. She declared, “I will remember the faces and smiles of the Creekside staff when I go home.” At 88-years-old, Mrs. Mabry left with these words: “I am not giving up. I don’t believe in giving up. I am moving forward!” The Creekside Center team are inspired by her determination and wish her the very best.

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Case Study: Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (October 2018)

Mrs. Helen Brown arrived at Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on September 15th, 2018. She arrived to us from St. Thomas Midtown, a local hospital located in Nashville, Tennessee. Mrs. Brown was brought to us with respiratory failure and a humerus fracture in her left shoulder. After being admitted into the hospital due to her diagnosis of respiratory failure, Mrs. Brown was informed that she would need to begin her rehabilitation journey in a skilled nursing facility.

Mrs. Helen Brown arrived in a sling because of a fracture in her shoulder. This fracture was non-weight bearing. Additionally, Mrs. Brown could barely stand on her own due to compromised respiratory support and decreased activity tolerance. She was very weak and shared that she did not want to do much with therapy. After our therapy team worked with her and encouraged her to participate with them, she began to see improvements. When Mrs. Brown saw improvements, she was more motivated to work towards a potential discharge home! Our entire team at Creekside were elated and motivated to continue ushering Mrs. Brown towards her goals.

Within the short amount of time that Mrs. Brown has been with us, she has made dramatic improvements. When she was first admitted, she couldn’t stand on her own. As time went on, she progressed to being able to ambulate to the gym and make an entire lap around our community here at Creekside Center. When Mrs. Brown first began receiving therapy services, she was using a walker; now, she is able to ambulate with just a cane! Formerly very compromised in terms of her respiratory capacity, she is beginning to build her stamina, allowing her to spend greater amounts of time with our therapists and work on strength building.

Although Mrs. Brown is a current patient with us, she and the therapy team are continuing to work towards a safe discharge plan in the near future! We cannot wait to see the accomplishments she will make in the near future!

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Creekside Center Wine and Whiskey Soiree

The Creekside Center community was proud to welcome local healthcare professionals for an eclectic evening of wine pairings, live music, hand-rolled cigars and great fun! Creekside Center appreciates those in the community who support patients and their families in the Greater-Creekside region. Thank you to all those who joined us!

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Signature Amputee Program in the Creekside Region

Our community was honored to welcome professionals from across the area to our CEU event in support of those in the vascular and diabetic communities. The goal of the informational seminar was to provide education on amputee care through our signature Comprehensive Amputee Rehabilitation Program lead by Paralympic Gold Medalists, Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler. With over 65 attendees, the event was the first of many educational seminars to follow for 2018. To learn more about our amputee support program, please click here!

Interested in attending a future presentation of clinic? Please contact Brent Jarreau at

Future Events:

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
11:00 – 1:00 pm Amputee Walking School at Phoenix Physical Therapy 

Facebook Link: March 6th 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
11:30 – 12:30 pm Geriatric Council of Williamson Co.
1:30 – 3:30 pm Amputee Walking School at VA Creekside

Facebook Link: March 7th 

Thursday, March 8, 2018                                                                                                                 11:00 – 1:00 pm St. Thomas Outpatient Rehabilitation 

Facebook Link: March 8th 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
8:30 – 9:30, Senior Services Network
11am – 1pm, Amputee Walking School at Phoenix Physical Therapy 

Facebook Link: April 10th 

Saturday, May 12, 2018
Vanderbilt University Wound Professionals Conference.

Monday, May 14, 2018
11am – 1:00 pm Amputee Walking School at Phoenix Physical Therapy

Facebook Link: May 14th 

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