Leadership Profiles

Meet Our Wonderful Team…

We take pride in our hardworking and compassionate caregivers. Every member of our team is a dedicated professional who is attuned to our patients’ entire well-being and goes the extra mile to ensure a positive frame of mind in conjunction with healing the body.

Above all, they understand the importance of a kind word, a gentle touch and the healing power of a smile.


Director of Nursing Kimberly Savage, RN Director of Nursing
Recreation Director Teighlor Rottero Recreation Director
Director of Human Resources Jennifer Morphis Director of Human Resources
Director of Admissions Jasmina Spencer, MBA Director of Admissions
Admissions Coordinator Makaila Laymon, MBA Admissions Coordinator
Staff Development Coordinator Michele Hibbler-Jones, RN Staff Development Coordinator
Marketing Director/Hospital Liaison Whitney Finney Marketing Director/Hospital Liaison
Wound Care Specialist Beth Perez, LPN Wound Care Specialist
MDS Director Robin Nixon, LPN MDS Director
Registered Dietician  Tammy Angell, RD, LDN Registered Dietician 
Medical Records Director Gary Gilbert Medical Records Director
Maintenance Director Jessie O’Kelley Maintenance Director
Director of Environmental Sciences and Laundry Kimberly Rottero Director of Environmental Sciences and Laundry
Business Office Manager Pamela Harvey Business Office Manager
Restorative Risk Nurse Belinda Planten, LPN Restorative Risk Nurse
MDS Coordinator Tim Harris, LPN MDS Coordinator