“My father was at Creekside for rehabilitation after being in the hospital, and they helped him in a variety of ways. They healed an issue on his foot he had been battling for years, they communicated the care plan clearly and called me frequently to give me updates. He is a picky eater but loved the food while he was there. They clearly showed him caring and patience while he was there.” – Monica O.

“My name is Leonardo C. I’m a 66-year-old Air Force Veteran. Creekside Center has been a warm home to me. The staff is excellent! The residents are a great group of people! I enjoy the meals and snack foods they serve. The property is beautiful, inside and out. There is always something new to do and see and many opportunities for friendships. I would recommend Creekside Center to anyone needing short-term or long-term care. – Leonardo C.

“Creekside is my new home away from home. Prior to transferring from the hospital, I dreaded coming here because of my past experience with other facilities. From the moment I arrived, I couldn’t believe how everyone was so kind and dedicated to making me feel comfortable. The staff are so encouraging and do not make me feel bad for my limitations. Every day, I am gently pushed to do what I can. I am gaining strength and will soon be able to go home (my other home). I will continue to pass the word that this is a great place with great people, and I am so glad I decided to give them a chance.” – Terry D.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Creekside Center to anyone who is looking for a comfortable, clean place with friendly, professional people to tend to your needs. They have helped me in so many ways! As a temporary resident, I am pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the physical and occupational therapy programs so much. My strength and stamina have improved.” – D. Delzell

“I enjoy helping family members place their loved one in a home that they are comfortable in when they need it. I have been in the profession for the last five years. Being a part of an organization like Creekside Center makes it even more rewarding to get up and go to work every day.” – Amanda G.

“I like the therapy people and everyone I deal with. They’re all really nice and they get you in a routine! The nurses and techs are nice. They always check on me and make sure I’m doing good. This is my second time out here and I was glad to be able to come back.” – Rex W.