Case Study: Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (August 2019)

One dreadful day, after not feeling well for quite some time, Linda Coultrup presented in the Skyline emergency room. Extremely abnormal labs indicated sepsis. The prescribed treatment was IV fluids and antibiotics. Later, she went into severe respiratory distress due to aspiration pneumonia. This additional obstacle to her recovery left her exhausted and in a state of generalized weakness. It was concluded that ongoing therapy and nursing care would be necessary. Therefore, she agreed to be transferred to the Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.

Upon arrival, Ms. Coultrup was warmly greeted by the concierge and clinical staff. At that time, she was beginning to lose hope for her recovery. When initially evaluated by occupational and physical therapy, the areas of concern were her inability to maneuver in bed independently, sit up safely, and sit-to-stand without assistance. Due to her physical decline and Plantar Flexion Contractures (i.e. “foot drop”), walking was a major task and impossible to do on her own. When accomplished, taking 30 steps was something to celebrate. With many more obstacles to overcome, the staff was actively involved in giving her the extra encouragement she needed. Her goal was to return home and be independent with activities of daily living, therefore, a plan was put in place to facilitate achieving this goal.

After weeks of daily therapy, Ms. Coultrup had progressed considerably and no longer needed stand-by assistance. In fact, she was able to walk long distances with a rollator, ascend & descend 20 steps with a handrail and safely walked upon steep grade asphalt. She began noticing the beautiful view of the Creekside Center courtyard and attending the activities offered. Most of all, she enjoyed playing Bingo with the other residents.

As she got closer to discharge, Linda started expressing her gratitude toward the staff for their help and inspiration. Her therapy sessions were described as fun and something she looked forward to. She explained how everyone from all departments checking on her at times they were not required to, made her “feel so good.” The Creekside Center team commends Ms. Coultrup for her hard work and persistence and wish her much happiness and continued success.