Case Study: Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (February 2021)

Patient’s Age: 84-years-old
Admission Date: 10/16/20
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center
Discharge Date: 01/07/21
Discharge To: Home
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation

Details of Experience:
After being found by his neighbor unable to move from his couch, Mr. Pennebaker was transported to Skyline Medical Center. His chief complaints were generalized weakness, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It was also determined that he had pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. Once treated and medically stable, it was suggested he transition to a skilled nursing community. He informed hospital staff of his desire to go to Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. He was “well pleased” with his late wife’s care while she was a resident there. He came to know and trust many of the staff. He declared, “Everyone is so caring, from the front desk to maintenance.”

At the beginning of his stay at Creekside Center, he could not fully participate in his therapy due to persistent virus symptoms. He recalls not being able to walk and feeling generally weak. After several weeks of physical and occupational therapy, tailored to his specific needs, he made much progress. He improved in standing balance, tolerance for activity and began performing tasks of daily living with modified independence. He started by walking 20 feet and progressed to meet his goal of 350 feet with a rollator. He attributes this mainly to having “the want to” be independent and following the therapy staff’s direction he calls “a great bunch of people.” He was determined to do everything they told him to do.

While being a short-term resident, his comfort and enjoyment was also a focus of the Creekside staff. They worked to accommodate his food and activity preferences and made sure he could stay up to date on the sports news, as this was his most significant interest. Newspapers and diabetic snacks were frequently purchased to make his stay more enjoyable. He helped to brighten everyone’s day. He loved socializing and joking around. He often had fun stories to tell and brought so much joy to those who worked with him!

Mr. Pennebaker, who has asked the team to call him “Penne,” was successfully discharged home with home health therapy. The team misses him but is thankful for the opportunity to help him meet and exceed his goals. He looks forward to trips to his favorite pizza parlor and doing his grocery shopping. In the spring, he plans to work at his business making birdhouses.

Penne continues to highly recommend Creekside Center and expresses appreciation for the entire staff and the care he received!