Case Study: Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q2 2022)

Concierge: Alexander Jones
Patient: Alan Gorham
Patients Age: 61
Admission Date: 4/20/2022
Admitted From: Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Discharge Date: 5/26/2022
Discharged To: Resident Discharged home
Length of Stay: 36 days
Reason for Stay: Physical Therapy to restore motion
How did this patient hear about Creekside? Hospital Referral (VUMC)

Details of Experience:

Mr. Alan Gorham was admitted to Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on April 20, 2022. He was hospitalized at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, where he received treatment for a fall he suffered due to his battle with liposarcoma, a rare type of cancer that develops in the fatty tissue. This type of tumorous cancer has the ability to grow anywhere in the body, and in Mr. Gorham’s case, it manifested in his right leg up to his hip.

Upon admission to Creekside, he was greeted by the concierge, the evening nurse, and CNA. The patient’s main focus was to get back to his normal way of living, as he had before being hospitalized. Our therapy department worked with the patient’s gross motor movements, a bed-to-wheelchair transfer, wheelchair-to-assisted toilet transfer, and even walking with assistance from crutches. Significant strides were made weekly. Mr. Gorham became more comfortable at Creekside, and we developed a great bond. I noticed he loved Dr. Pepper and assorted milk chocolate candy, so I would ensure he had some to snack on throughout the week and weekends.

Mr. Gorham understood his condition and was very vocal to me about it. He spoke to me about his doctor’s plans to amputate his leg, which was cancerous, which would give him a fighting chance at longevity. He was very optimistic, which made our conversation brighter. Alan was discharged home on May 26, 2022, to await surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Now Mr. Gorham is recovering and enjoying therapy at the Nashville Center, our sister facility to the North, where he can get back to living life to the fullest.

We wish him the very best and continued success.