Case Study: Creekside Center (Q1 2023)

Concierge: Alexander Jones
Patient Name: William Franklin Woods
Patient Age: 79
Admission Date: 10/5/22
Admitted From: St. Thomas
D/C Date: 1/12/22
D/C Location: Family (Son) Home
Length of stay: 14 weeks 4 days
Reason for stay: Amputee due to bodily infection
How did this patient hear about Creekside? Social Services at St Thomas Midtown


Details of Experience:

Mr. William Woods was admitted to Creekside Center after a not-so-pleasant visit to St. Thomas Midtown. He was immediately rushed to the emergency room due to an unexpected infection that clotted his blood, causing poor circulation to his left leg. That infection caused him to lose his foot and part of his leg. This traumatic incident brought Mr. Woods to Creekside in not the best spirits. Mr. Woods thought there was no hope for him at all and wanted to give up on life. As different departments greeted and accessed Mr. Woods, they ensured he would recover fully.

Over the first couple of weeks with our awesome team of professionals, Mr. Woods’s spirit started to rise along with his progress. He began working with PT, OT, and even our Registered Dietitian because one of his major concerns is the weight he had lost while hospitalized. One day at a time, Mr. Woods started to regain the independence he felt he’d never have again. Prior to his amputation, he was a very self-sufficient individual. During a routine appointment, his life changed from independent to dependent in a matter of seconds. He admitted that the event took a toll on his mental health dramatically.

Once Mr. Woods reached his 2-month milestone, his recovery started to move very rapidly. He also had minimum mobility in his upper extremities due to his frailness post-operation. He went from 35% to 75% within 2 months and 2 days. Once Mr. Woods got fitted for his prosthetic, he began ambulating with a walker and making drastic strides to walk. After 10 weeks post-operation, Mr. Woods consistently worked with his therapists on transfers, personal hygiene tasks, and mobility, gradually working his way to independence. Several weeks had passed, and Mr. Woods had exceeded his expectations by a large margin. Nearing his last days in the community, our discharge coordinator Josie Scott arranged for Mr. Woods’s home health arrangement once he is home with his family.

Mr. Woods stated, “I thank God for allowing me to be here at Creekside, you guys have been amazing to me during this tough time, and I appreciate my therapist Michal and Joe, for helping me more than I could’ve imagined! I would recommend anyone to come here for rehab. Thank you!