Case Study: Creekside Center (Q2 2023)

Concierge: Alexander Jones
Patient Name: Geno Pea
Patient Age: 55
Admission Date: 5/25/23
Admitted From: TriStar Summit
Discharge Date: 6/10/23
Discharge Location: Home
Length of stay: 2 weeks, three days
Reason for stay: Rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about Creekside? Caseworker at TriStar


Details of Experience:

Mr. Geno Pea lived and thrived with a common condition of drop foot and multiple sclerosis, swiftly sending him into a health decline and hospitalization. It all started two weeks pre-hospitalization, Mr. Pea began his day the same for years, but on this day, he felt an abnormal pain in his leg. The pain increased and became unbearable, and simple walks to the restroom became impossible. Mr. Pea suffered a fall due to the pain he was experiencing, and his aunt found him on the floor of his apartment. She immediately called 911 to assist him. EMT transported Mr. Pea to Tristar Summit Medical Center, where he received treatment for his condition. Gradually Mr. Pea bounced back from his fall and other underline health issues but needed skilled rehab to function properly to return home. So, Mr. Pea chose the Creekside community to provide him with rehabilitation and healing.

Upon arriving at Creekside, Mr. Pea was greeted by Jordan, our Receptionist, Anthony unit manager, and Ms. Teresa, our most seasoned CNA. Early the next morning, Mr. Pea was greeted and assessed by the whole multiple disciplinary team, including the concierge, social services, therapist, dietitian, and the business office. Shortly after the meeting, therapy went more in-depth with actions moving forward that will get him up and moving again, which sparked his enthusiasm so much that Mr. Pea enrolled in school to study cyber security while receiving treatment.

Mr. Pea’s approach to therapy didn’t go unnoticed by anyone in the community. The patient’s initiative after and even before his sessions was fabulous. He went from walking 30 feet to 250 within days of admission. Staff would see him getting coffee in the mornings, and he embraced words of encouragement that would take your small problems away.

Mr. Pea was discharged from Creekside under his own power on June 6th, 2023.. He hopes to finish his degree in cybersecurity and start a new career in doing so.