Case Study: Creekside Center (Q4 2023)

Concierge: Mackenzie Cannon
Patient Name: James Beasley
Patient Age: 72
Admission Date: October 4th, 2023
Admitted From: Saint Thomas West Hospital
Discharge Date: January 11th, 2024
Discharge Location: Home

How did this patient hear about Creekside? The patient heard about Creekside from numerous members of the community, friends, and family members.


Details of Experience:

Mr. Beasley was admitted to the Creekside Center on October 4th from Saint Thomas West Hospital. Mr. Beasley chose the Creekside Center because it was close to home and many friends, family members, and members of their church spoke high regards to the facility. When Mr. Beasley arrived at the community, he met with the nursing staff and therapy team who would be helping him to get better and be able to go back home!

The concierge spoke with Mr. Beasley on numerous occasions and wanted to share his story and positive attitude. When Mr. Beasley left the hospital, he was unable to move his lower extremities. With hard work and dedication from all who were involved, he is now able to get himself standing and walking along with a walker, which shows how far he has come.

A personal goal of Mr. Beasley is to get strong enough to return back home safely. He also wants to walk out of Creekside’s doors with only a little assistance if possible. With the help of the therapy team, we have high hopes that his goal can be achieved.

On his initial evaluation Mr. Beasley was not able to hardly stand or walk. He suffered from generalized muscle weakness and unsteadiness while on his feet. Mobility was rated very low and required a two-person assist. After working very hard with the therapy team Mr. Beasley is now able to stand and walk over 100 feet! This is an amazing advancement and has brought him the confidence that he needed to feel comfortable going home and being back with his family.

Mr. Beasley always has a smile on his face when going through the halls. He spoke to everyone he saw and loves to carry on a conversation. He will be greatly missed and loved by many during his stay in the community. Mr. Beasley will be leaving us on January 11th, to return home with his family. He has completed his therapy journey and exceeded the goals we had set for him upon admittance.

“Y’all did a world of good!” Mr. Beasley wanted to thank Joe, Yul, Amos, Regine, and Marcia along with the CNAs that took care of him throughout his stay here at Creekside.

The Creekside family wishes Mr. Beasley all the best wishes on his return home, and we are so glad that we were able to help him along on his journey to regaining his independence.